Canate, a deserted old village

Canate is approximately one-hour walk from the village of Marsiglia, in the community of Davagna, and can be reached by a large trail in the midst of a chestnut wood. After crossing a small bridge over the brook, the path heads to Scandolaro, a tiny hamlet, whose inhabitants used to be experienced joiners, and, up a short slope, to Canate, a larger group of houses on the slant of 'Alpesisa' Peak.
This village appears as having been suddenly deserted by people, who left almost every possession behind. The houses' doors are wide open to occasional visitors and the interiors are fully furnished, although abandoned. Roofs are partially restored and wall had been repainted in relatively recent times.
It was neither a plague nor some unusual calamity to chase people from this place. Simply enough, when the old ones died, the young had already left for better living and had not the means and motivations to move all old things, without the help of a motor road.

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Canate from a window A house in Canate Interior Interior with staircase A house with a street lamp A wine cellar

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