Return to Canate


We returned to Canate on Jan 28, 2007, after seven years from our previous visit. We were curious, and somehow worried, about what we would find there after that time. Time continued its merciless work on the deserted village and several houses we had seen , and photographed, during our previous visit had collapsed and are now in ruins. Similar to other abandoned villages, and expecially those that are not too far from town, Canate has been often made target of pillages and vandalisms, by cowardly actions of wanderers, who took advantege of the place seclusion. One of the houses has been entirely destroyed by the fire, set by unknown vandals perhaps for game, perhaps out of anger. And the fire had already destroyed the entire village in 1944, when nazifascists used it as a retaliation against the Canate people who gave refuge to partisan, as remembered in a monument along the main street of the village.
Instructions to reach Canate

From Marsiglia of Davagna, follow the road as far as it ends and become a dirt trail (you can park after the small bridge at the end of the road); then, after approximately 20-30 meters, you will find a path climbing on the right. A wooden arrow indicates: "Canate per di qua", meaning "This is the way to Canate". Up you climb as far as the ridge and afterwards the path starts to descend steeply toward the valley bottom in the midst of chestnut wood. It is a quite ancient stone path, still partly well preserved. Amist the large trees, the village is now visible on the opposite slope. When you reach the bottom, cross the stream over a small wooden bridge, which someone dedicated to Guendalina. Then the path goes up on and reaches a first group of houses (Scandolaro), and finally it climbs steeply and sunny toward Canate

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The houses that are still standing today look cleaner and emptier than seven years ago. Their scattered content was taken away by not only pillagers, but also, we hope, by legitimate owners. So houses appear completely abandoned now, although traces of agricultural care are still evident in the surrounding country. We even met some young people who started a life in Canate, in two houses they have repaired and basically equipped.

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Marsiglia di Davagna
Un castagno sulla strada di Canate
Trail with chestnut
Il ponte sul rio Canate
The bridge over Canate stream
Panorama di Canate 2007
View of Canate 2007
Casa diroccata
The ruins of a house wall
Casa abitata a Canate
An inhabited house

Casa abitata a Canate
The second inhabited house
Casa recintata con albero di cachi
House with persimmon treei
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