False acacia

foglie di robinia

The acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) is an American tree, which was brought to Europe during the 17th century and owes its scientific name to that of its exporter, the French botanist J.Robin. It is a generous plant; it grows in scarps and embankments and steadies crumbly slopes. It grows everywhere and maybe it does not look very attractive, with its untidy foliage and its scarred trunk. But in spring, it covers up with clusters of sweet flowers and turns into a white cloud. The bees like these flowers and from them make up the sweetest of all honeys. Goats appreciate the tender, long and composite, leaves, which, however, should be handled with care, because they hide a malicious snare, in the form of big and sharp thorns.

The acacia can be mistaken with other similar plants, such as the Sofora japonica, but a closer glance to the leaves is sufficient to recognize the difference.


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