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Stiolo is situated on the eastern slope of Mount Consolino plateau, a few kilometers from the Ionian sea and is one of the most characteristic towns in Calabria for its historical and aestetical wealth. It is an ancient town, founded in the VII century during the period of the Saracen pillages, where the coastal inhabitants were forced to retreat to the foot of mount Consolino, the only place that offered a safe refuge. The most important historical monument of Stilo is a small Greek-Bizantine temple, called 'Cattolica' (from the Greek word Katholikè meaning universal) whose construction dates back to the X century. This church was a meeting place for the Bizantine monks that lived int he caves on Mount Consolino. It is the greatest example of Bizantine architecture in Calabria and it is a perfect miniature reproduction of similar temples in Armenia and Turkey.
Other important buildings are the Cathedral, constructed in 1300, but later restored several times, and the churches of San Francesco and San Giovanni .
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Stilo ia also known to have been the birthplace of the great Renaissance philosopher Tommaso Campanella.
Born in a very poor family, to acquire an education he became a Dominican friar. Because of his liberal ideas, he was persecuted as heretic, but eventually was received in France by cardinal Richelieu with all honors. He wrote numeorus books, among which the most famous is 'The City of Sun'.
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