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la rupe panorama il Castello
Gerace is situated inland from the Ionian coast over Locri. Its name comes from the Latin jerax, meaning sparrow hawk. Founded by Greek refugees from Locri, it perches high on the top of a sandstone cliff and it is located inside the Aspromonte national park, the southern most mountain of the Italian paeninsula. In this ancient town, among the quaint buildings and twisting lanes, one has the impression of living in the past. The most important monument in the norman Cathedral, built in 1045, the church of San Francesco, close to the basilian church of san Giovannello, e finally the Norman il Castle. The charme of this little town is in its location, over the Locride plain, and in the beauty of its architectures and ancient monuments.
cattedrale meridiana una strada


Calabria The accidental tourist

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