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facciata scala giardino
Villa Caristo (SS106 to Scinà di Stignano) is a superbe example of baroque architecture, built in XVIII century and ascribed to an imitator of Vanvitelli or Sanfelice. In the past it belonged to the noble Clementi family and today it belongs to the Caristo family, who saved it from the ruin.
The villa has a two store structure and its entrance is through a slender staircase that leads to the second floor. In the front terrace there is a fountain sormounted by a precious marble group representing Clorinda and Tancredi, inspired to a writing from the “Gerusalemme Liberata” by Torquato Tasso. The villa is surrounded by a magnificent garden, with several fountains and full of olive, oaks and orange trees.
vista laterale Tancredi e Clorinda fontana dei delfini


Villa Caristo was chosen, with Stupinigi royal mansion in Turin, the Villa Mellone of Lecce and the palazzo del Principe of Genova for the stamp series "Le ville d'Italia" of Italian Posts in 1984
A front view of the alley full of flowers, during the month of May (photograph kindly provided by Mr. Pierpaolo Caristo --


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