Shrine of Our Lady on the Mountain

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This crib is composed of approximately one hundred dummy figures of exquisite workmanship that date back to 18th/19th centuries. The crib is located in the crypt, under the high altar, where there is the statue of the Virgin, to whom the shrine is consecrated. From her high glass casket, the Virgin (see picture on the right) overlooks the crib scene. In 2003, the friar who took care of the installation was helped by a valuable Islamic craftsman.

the crib

Frontal view with the statue of the Virgin

According to most guides, this crib maintained - until relatively recent years - a narrative scheme, with "temporal pictures" of Christ's infancy. The 2003 installation was instead organized in several symbolic frames. The birth of the child is a message of peace for all nations and people from every country and of every color is coming to pay homage to him. The first to hear the child's comforting word are the shepherds and the beggars, but also the soldiers are ready to listen. At the same time, a large part of humanity is still unaware of the salvation and occupied in futile activities, like parties and drinks. But some of them are already leaving and starting off on the road that leads towards the cave...

	Two Kings

Two Kings




The Family


Mary and the Child

La Festa

The party


The drinkers




The devout

WHERE ~ The shrine of Our Lady on the Mountain is located on a hill overlooking the Genoese quarter of St. Fruttuoso. Built in XII century, it enjoys an exceptional position dominating above the eastern part of the town. Behind the church, there is a large wood of oaks and other Mediterranean trees that is part of the convent. In front of the church, the panoramic square is paved with white and black pebbles, which compose the coat of arms of the town of Genoa.

The Shrine

The Shrine

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