St. Bartholomew of Certosa

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This is a very animated creche, and very enjoyable to visit and discover in all its details. Due to the artistic whim of two brothers, Alessandro and Roberto Peditto, the setting extends for over 50 mq and presents over 70 mechanical motions of figures and objects. Beside the nativity, numerous scenes show stages of daily life in Liguria from the costs to the mountains. It displays a reconstruction of the rural environment, with vegetable gardens and farm, and also of a typical seaside Ligurian village, with boats and fishermen.



The show is completed by light and sound effects that create the illusion not only of the passing of the day, but also the atmospheric events, like rain, snow and storm, announced by peals of thunder. All movements change accordingly to the time of the day, shops close in the evening and open in the morning, the baker works during the night, while all others work during the day, the housewife opens the windows in the morning and the woman opens the umbrella when it start raining. Among the figures, there are some of artistic value, expecially a wooden set carved by an unknown craftsman from the Val d'Aosta.

il mare


la neve

The snow


The rain




The village


WHERE ~ The creche is located in St. Bartholomew of Certosa street, a short ascending lane that leads from Jori street to the church of St. Bartholomew of Certosa, in the western Genoese quarter of Rivarolo in Polcevera valley. The church has very ancient origin and it is very interesting for its two cloisters and precious frescos.

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