Internet because...

I like Internet because ...
there is everything, too much,
and still much more

Internet is the mirror of our world, of its redundancy, its empty richness, in which it is so hard to find beauty and truth. And I like very much to dig in this mine of information, where I can always find what I am seeking. And if I do not find it, it only means I had not looked for properly.

Below are some suggestions from my bookmarks

All sites are tested as regularly as I can !!

Visit these sites and earn food for those who have too little or life for the rainforest trees. The cost is just a mouse click.

Greenpeace International Homepage
Greenpeace International Homepage

Two important sites, for those who care about the health of our planet.
Environmental News Network

Science and technology:
choose the original

Nature is one of the most important scientific publications of the world. In these pages, you will always find updated information and curiosities about the nmost recent scientific matters

Science made easy and fun: plenty of answers to many different questions

Have fun with...

The original site "" is gone, I do not know why, but you can still visit the site of its author, the cartoonist Roberto Mangosi ... it is really worth a trip

Looking for something? Try my specialities

web mining Britannica on line learn how machines and technological gadgets work
international movie data base one look dictionaries All you wanted to know about Italy but could not find anywhere else

I like Internet because ...
have a good trip, sailors !


a very good guide to html Java beginners and developers the careware idea: software for html much more
everything you need to build web pages italian guide to web publishing
The open source browser

Firefox browser    Mozilla suite
Firefox & Mozilla Suite

thanks a lot to all of you!!

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